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He trained as a sword master. He was born with no chakura type but he can tweak his chakura to make it seam like other chakura types so he can preform many different styles and types of jutsu like the crystal style, the ice style, the wood style, and even the 2nd hokage's water style which makes water out of thin air. He is a master in the use of paper bombs. He uses the Shyakugan( a mix of the Sharingan and Byakugan). He has blood red and gray/white chakuras which alous him to use all eight inner gates and servive. He trained with Anko after Naruto became the 6th or 7th hokage. He bacomes good friends with Hanabi Hyuga and Kasumi Uzumaki. He is between 14 and 20 years of age. He learned many skills from differant kinds of clans but mainly from people he trained with like Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru, Kakashi, and Rock Lee. He met Naruto at age 5 and later learns the rasangon. his rivels are rock lee, naruto and shikamaru(in go). He was born with no real name so before he started going to the academy he pick out his own name. He chose Liger for his first name because liger was his favorite animal, and he chose Uchiha as his last name because he wanted respect growing up. His father was an Uchiha clan member as a kid but they had casted him out of the clan at the age of 17 before Itachi killed off most of his clan. His mother's father was an out cast from the Hyuga clan because he couldn't use the byakugan. As a kid growing up without even knowing his own parents was hard but he had help from Naruto who found him in a forest trying to train but was failing at it. So naruto had him sent to the academy. There he had somewhat good grades and made friends. Later on he was put into a squad. After being asined to a squad he became an averge ninja. After a year he past the chunin exams and was quickly sent on B rank missons. Three years later he became an elite jounin. His skills in his Shyakugan aloud him to take on A and even S rank missons. The Shyakugan boosts the bodies senses 10 times fold, it also gives him the ablity to sense the enemies moves before they make them giving him a edge over his targets. It also aloud him to copy jutsus and it aloud him to see 360 degrees plus the ability to see chakura points and to see through any genjutsu which makes him kinda hard to beat. He does not play that much for an important roll in the Naruto story line. He is not very motivated at all keeping him from becoming a menber of the amboo black ops or even becoming hokage. But he does get very very motivated to kill a person he truely hates like his stalker which he killed but didn't get in trouble for it.

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